Saturday, September 4, 2010

Two poems for children


Our integrity is the mirror image of our character
Our character is reflected in our actions
Our actions are designed by our thoughts
Our thoughts are purified by our sincerity
Our sincerity can be proved by our transparency
Transparency is the outcome of our openness
Openness can be enabled by our truthfulness
Our truthfulness proves that we are honest
Being honest can make us reliable
This is the way we can safeguard our integrity


Oh Lord!

Oh Lord!
I am at your feet.

Make my thoughts fresh and clear
Make my mind that much pure

Kill my ego
Kill my arrogance
Let me know that I am very small

Give me pains that make me big
Make me proud by serving you

Wake me up
Wake me up
Wake me up from ignorance

Make my soul get purified
From all the sins of this world
So that I can touch your feet

When we meet in the Heaven

Oh Lord!
I am at your feet.

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